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Covid 19 containment stay visible and generate leads

More than a year ago, france entered confinement in order to combat the spread of the covid-19 epidemic. Since the health crisis continues, a 3rd confinement has been introduced, all b2b fairs and events are still suspended and telework reinforced. So how do you keep generating leads when all industries are slowing down? What if the b2b marketplace was the solution to counter the crisis and the isolation of containment… Stay visible all year round as soon as you are present on a b2b marketplace , you are then visible 365 days a year, seven days a week. These platforms reference thousands of products and manufacturers and benefit from excellent seo referencing . They thus offer you visibility on search engines that is almost impossible to achieve on your own with your website.

To whom they offer all the elements

A significant asset in times of confinement. While in normal times, 90% of buyers use the internet upstream of their decision-making process (google study) , today they are all working from home and therefore have more time to browse manufacturers’ stands and compare offers. . We can clearly deduce that 100% of b2b buyers are currently on the internet to source all the information Nigeria Phone Number List necessary for their decision-making. Without geographical barrier while trade shows remain limited to a specific geographical area, marketplaces have no borders. No location constraints, your catchment area is no longer restricted to a department or region, you are visible all over the world, regardless of your location! No more need for commercial agencies in the regions to prospect on a national scale.

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Take advantage of targeted marketing

Reach qualified leads the prospects who come to your virtual stand come to meet a specific need. Most of them are interested in your products and services and have a short or medium term purchase plan. Quotation requests are received and processed in real time. This maximizes BTC Database AS your chances of generating quality leads that you can then turn into customers. Did you know ? 34% of leads are generated by external service providers such.  As marketplaces (2019 companeo lead barometer) detect new business. Opportunities b2b marketplaces offer a pooled. Offer from all players in a specific sector. They thus constitute a privileged channel for the b2b buyer.

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