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About content creation and the right social networks to use. On Instagram, they will have to show more proximity, spontaneity and authenticity. Besides, Julie Pellet in charge of the development of Instagram for Southern Europe, confirms this. The format is already a success, and a probably essential development axis for brands: “ This service was launche in the summer of 2016. Fourteen months later, it brings together 300 million daily users! Brands are no exception. During the month of September, 50% of Instagram Business Profiles create a Story and a third of the most viewe Stories.

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Were from brands. While the content of their permanent account is often very elaborate, the Story allows you to publish behind the scenes of an event, the interview of a personality or a muse, the “live” of such and such an operation.  Artificial Intelligence and Kuwait Mobile Number List Chatbots According to a study published by Oracle, 38% of French brands have already use a Chatbot and by 2020, 79% will have deployed it for customer relationship management. Will chatbots replace instant messaging, that is the question.What is a Chatbot? It is a program that, thanks to artificial intelligenc.

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Chat with its users andffer them the service that best suits their needs through an instant messaging application.programs appear at the bottom right of the screen. The most use chatbots are Sir Google Now 56%, Cortana 39%. Source Data France 2016 (use in everyday life especially with our smartphones). They also play an important BTC Database AS role in voice SEO . The main purpose of a chatbot is marketing, since it generally serves to attract new customers, to accompany them in their new purchase, and to help them respond more easily to customer requests.

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