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Customers Through The Wechat Marketing Platform

In the era of intelligence, traditional marketing methods can no longer meet the development of enterprises, and marketing technology is constantly being upgraded and accelerated. Since WeChat was launched in January 2011, it has now reached 1.2 billion users. Such a large number of users has led many companies to use the WeChat marketing platform as the main position for their marketing activities. However, how can enterprise marketers accurately classify the massive? WeChat users and deliver the enterprise’s personalized content and products to customers? How to achieve customer acquisition through the WeChat marketing platform? Please read on below.

 Why Do B2B Companies A WeChat Marketing 

B2B companies have limited customer acquisition channels, high marketing costs, and high labor costs. The WeChat marketing platform naturally has a huge potential customer base based on WeChat. WeChat is not just an app, it is a complete ecosystem. Multi-channel access to existing customers. Content marketing materials, create a “content Bahrain Mobile Number List base”, and embed the entry in the official micro menu. These valuable materials can promote the company’s products and services, and play a continuous role in customer acquisition and incubation. Understandably, WeChat official accounts are almost like a traditional website, they provide a place for companies to post content, receive messages and build brands.

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How Do B2b Companies Acquire

As the most important source of customer acquisition for B2B companies. WeChat official account requires companies to provide creative and valuable. Information content to attract users’ attention, such as dry goods content. White papers, product descriptions, live broadcasts, offline activities, etc. WeChat Mini Programs are small applications that can be download and run in WeChat. Users can swipe down on the WeChat interface and select from the WeChat applet list to find and use the applet. Today, thousands of Mini Programs have been deploy in various industries and cover a variety of functions. They are us to expand business, share knowledge among users, and facilitate social interaction.

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