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Customers Will Receive This Welcome Message After

The function of adding customer module can be viewed from two dimensions: employee personal corporate WeChat & corporate external group, that is, the company can set up the process for customers to add corporate employee personal WeChat or join the corporate group chat and the content of the welcome message, which correspond to Contact Me and Welcome and Join Group Chat and Group Welcome.

It should be not that customers can receive a maximum of 1 group message from one member per calendar day, and a maximum of 4 group messages from the same enterprise administrator or business leader per calendar month.

Of The Welcome Message Includes

When most customers join the group, they will receive a welcome message with their nickname embedded; however, due to the influence of the time interval setting of the welcome message, if the customer group has just sent the welcome Tunisia Mobile Number List message, even if a new customer joins the group, it is necessary to wait until the time interval Only when it is full can you receive an exclusive new welcome message. For the case of multiple customers joining the group in a short period of time, welcome words. It Will be combined into one – the nicknames of the customers who join the group are separated by commas.

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After The Configuration Is Complete

According to the object of sending, the group sending of enterprise WeChat can be divid into. Three types: group sending to individuals, group sending to group chat, and group sending to customer circle of friends. The content of the first two mass postings is a text with multiple pictures/videos/files/links/mini programs attach. However, the content sent to the customer’s circle of friends currently. Only supports one text + one set of pictures/one video/one link. It should be not that the size of the video file sent to the customer’s Moments should be less. Than 10M and the duration should be less than 30 seconds.

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