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Furthermore, a margin of 45% usually goes to the bookstore. Do you self-publish your book? Then the rest is yours. Does a publisher publish your book? Then you receive royalties, usually about 10% of the net sales price.

Price perception

Determining the price of your book is more than a simple calculation. It’s part ofof your book. A book that is four times more expensive than the average book in the same category will come across as very different from a book that costs less than a tenner. The price also influences not only how people see your book, but also how much commitment they have to do something with it.

It is often smart to choose the same price category as the books you want to be among. With that you say that your Quality Directors Email Lists book is also ‘that kind of book’. Or go above and beyond to show that your book offers more value than the rest. The trick is to find the balance between what you want your book to radiate and yield, and what consumers expect from your book and are willing to pay.

Quality Directors Managers Email Lists

The funnel book

You see it more and more often: a book like tiny offer . In other words, an accessible entry-level product to get people into your funnel. The first step is often collecting data, for example to expand your mailing list.

With regard to price perception, I just wrote that a cheap book is taken less seriously than a more expensive book. Nevertheless, the funnel book is extremely popular. The reason is very simple: a book of a few euros is bought much sooner than, for example, an expensive training and even earlier than an average-priced book.

The chance that someone will also say yes to your follow-up offer after a yes to your book is real, and in any case a lot higher than a yes to an advertisement with your most expensive product or service. But why on earth would you have a book printed? Wouldn’t it be better to use a fre? The short answer is no. The market is completely saturated with free e-books. You have certainly experienced that the quality of a free e-book is not always high. Sometimes there is a big pill on the images on social media and then in reality it turns out to be a crappy PDF of 6 A4 pages with information that makes you think: ‘My grandmother remembers this’. The tendency to give us an email address in exchange for a free e-book is therefore diminishing.

There is just something magical about a book, regardless of the price. Something in print is true, and someone who has a book to his name is considered an expert. You don’t just throw a book with the old paper. It’s valuable

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