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Under the influence of the epidemic, traditional industries have become more and more difficult, and many enterprises have embarked on the road of digital transformation, striving to achieve self-help through transformation through emerging technologies such as big data and cloud computing. More and more enterprises are beginning to realize that building their own private domain traffic pool in the digital age, obtaining more customer traffic, giving full play to the maximum value of customers, and realizing customer retention, conversion and monetization are the development paths that enable enterprises to make long-term profits. With the continuous development of enterprises, the demand for private domain traffic operations has increased in recent years, which has also triggered the new hot spot of the enterprise WeChat SCRM.

What is Enterprise WeChat SCRM

SCRM system (Social CRM) refers to the “social customer relationship management system”, which is the expansion and evolution of traditional CRM. The transformation and upgrading of consumption patterns have catalyzed the trend of socialization of CRM. The market environment requires marketing business to be more and more “user-centric”. As a Qatar Cell Phone Number List marketing strategy for enterprises in the information age, SCRM system makes the behavior of enterprise customer management more important. Focus on social scenarios, emphasizing user participation and bilateral interaction. Because enterprise WeChat can efficiently reach C-end customers, it is officially positioned as a tool for efficiently building private domain traffic pools. Enterprise WeChat SCRM combines WeChat users and user management to become the best place for enterprises to graft private domains.

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The First Launch Of Enterprise Wechat

Traffic from WeChat and create private domain business. At present, the SCRM system based on the enterprise WeChat ecosystem. Is the most common customer relationship management model In the industry. Tencent officially increas the openness in the design of enterprise WeChat products, continuously updat iteratively. Further, strengthen the interconnection with WeChat, and has completed the expansion of enterprise WeChat from an. OA system to a CRM system, adding new customer groups, and customers. Multiple functions such as connection, customer circle of friends, etc. Facilitate direct access to WeChat users, help enterprises create private domains. Traffic pools, and lay the foundation for business development based on the enterprise WeChat SCRM system.

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