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When a digital agency uses AB testing for site optimization

Whatever the medium used (website, email, mobile application, etc.), it is difficult to design a completely effective medium and at maximum performance on the first try. Moreover, the trends and habits of users on the web are constantly evolving, the media offered must therefore evolve accordingly. A/B testing makes it possible to respond to these issues, this webanalytics method is a mandatory step to refine your strategy and convert more and more. What is A/B testing? This method can be applied in different areas of the web. But it is clear that in the context of an e-commerce site, it can simply become essential.

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The concept is to carry out tests to understand which version of a content or element (button, image, link, etc.) online has the most impact. This requires carrying out a precise analysis of the results to bring out the most relevant solution. Test sites El Salvador Phone Number List to improve them For the SEO Wedig, it is not possible to optimize conversion without first analyzing the navigation of the site. According to Econsulting in its latest. Survey on CRO (conversion Rate Optimization Report 2014). A/B testing has become in 5 years. The favorite practice of companies wishing to optimize conversion on their site. What to test with A/B testing? The advantage of this practice is that it applies to many elements on the site.

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It can all be colors, font size, menu position, content, whether it is textual content or images and videos, etc. A/B testing can be carried out on the whole site or on a landing page in order to ensure that it is really effective and that it makes Internet BTC Database AS users want to know more or to carry out the action expected of them (form entry, purchase of goods or services, etc.). If we are still talking about e-commerce. Your web marketing consultant will try to determine which product. Sheet allows you to sell better.

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