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Do research on your competitors by

You can do keyword research or keywords on your wordpress website which can be useful for:

build content that is often sought after by website visitors
understand market wants and needs better

track the success of the content on your website

understand how to increase website visitors and increase traffic to the website
for how to do keyword research, you can use the help of keyword research tools such as ahrefs , semrush , and google keyword planner .

Then some basic things in doing keyword research that you need to know are:

make a list of target keywords related to the topic.
Enter the target keyword in the keyword research tool to find keywords that have high search volume and low competition value.
a keyword research tool and checking the competitors’ keywords.
Find keywords by bringing a lot of traffic to competitor websites
look for keywords owned by competitors where the value of  competition is low and easy to compete
enable search engine visibility


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search engine visibility is a feature that makes it easy for websites to notify search engines such as google about the existence of your website.

For this reason, it is important that this feature section needs to be active if your website wants to be assessed by google in order to rank in the serps.

For how to check this search engine visibility option, you can Hong Kong Phone Number go to your wordpress admin page in the settings > reading section of the wordpress dashboard. Then scroll down and you can see the section under “ search engine visibility ”.

In this section, remove or uncheck the box shown in this section. After that click save changes .

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