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All marketing strategies are based on content. What kind of content can attract the attention of doctor users? Lilac Garden has always insisted on creating better content and consumption experience. First, the content is of high quality, neither water nor false. The doctor will give feedback to Lilac Garden: “Rejecting the senior, what we most want to see is real clinical cases, so that we can have better solutions when facing clinical problems. In addition, we also want to know this. The dynamic information in the field, so some industry information and the latest policy interpretation are also needed.

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Second is the continuity of the content, including columnar and continuous incremental information. In the past, the content of Lilac Garden would be exposed once or twice. But it was quickly overwhelmed by a large amount of information after a period Georgia Mobile Number List of time. For doctors, they hope that the content they see and get is sustainable. The park has adjusted its strategy and started to create column-oriented and thematic content and output. The content step by step from shallow to deep. Third, two-way interaction. In layman’s terms, what else can users do besides watching?

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Lilac Garden Focuses On The Core Needs

In addition to content strategies that need to be adjusted, the way information is disseminated is also changing. In the past, Lilac Garden broadcasted pan-content, lacked accuracy, and made the target audience feel that the information was useless or not what they needed at the moment, and they were disappointed with the corporate brand. Now Lilac Garden is based on the insights of target doctor users to match the content that is suitable and needed at the moment, and spread it in precise channels. It is added here that it is necessary to solve the rational content needs of doctors, but it is not enough to only solve the rational needs. Through the combination of rational and emotional needs, the target doctors can be better served and the sticky interaction with doctors can be improved.




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