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The Two Faces Of The Electoral Consensus

The left/right opposition lost its substance. For this reason, a single party seems to be enough: a party that is neither right nor left. It is simply the party in power. For this consensual system to work, it is necessary that the election takes place between the party of the normal order of things and its opposite, the party of the catastrophe. The extreme right has been fulfilling this function.

Its first element is obviously the very institution of the presidential function and the election of the president by universal suffrage. The latter represents for us the supreme embodiment of democracy. His story shows that it is just the opposite. It was invent by the monarchists under the Second Republic as a way of restoring a monarchical system, something that it effectively constitut except that the monarch was not the one they expec. 

Of An Immense Political Effort

It was reinstate by Charles de Gaulle to convert the head of state into the direct incarnation of the power of the people and was accompani by a series of means of concentration of powers (majority electoral system, ordinances, article 49-31), further reinforce since the legislative elections were coup with the presidential election. 

If the recent presidential election can invite UK Mobile Number List reflection, it is obviously not because of its result. This was known before the start of the campaign. In the month of September 2021, a first poll announc a victory for Emmanuel Macron with 55.5% of the vote against  44.5% for Marine Le Pen. On April 24, 2022, the verdict of the polls attribut 58% to the first and 42% to the second. What the recent campaign was able to contribute is, above all, a clarification regarding our form of government and the role that the presidential election plays in it.

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But Also Because Of His Forcefulness

A first reflection is therefore necessary: ​​the predictability of our president’s re-election. The very slight increase in votes he obtain. With respect to the first estimates cannot be explained by the effectiveness of his campaign. Everyone could verify that he did not campaign at all, while his opponent develop an intense activity. He was not chosen because he had display a greater power of persuasion than his competitors. His choice does not reflect a superior power of persuasion but corresponds to the prevailing order of things. Consequently, it is this order of things that should be analys.


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