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The Core Of The Sales Empowerment

In order for the marketing and sales departments to quickly adapt to each other’s new roles, first, the marketing department should expand the definition of the target audience. While prospects and customers are important, the internal sales team is actually one of the audiences that the marketing department should educate and inform. The marketing department needs to share more of the content produced by the marketing department with the sales team, not only to complete the task of distributing the content but also to educate the sales reps on the context and how to use the content. This way, internal teams can develop a common understanding of how prospects communicate.

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Alignment is a two-way street, so marketing also needs to understand sales feedback on the effectiveness of content. Marketers identify pain points and problems from ideal buyers to provide solutions that ultimately help educate and guide these buyers down the sales funnel. The same process can be applied to education sales teams. One of the goals of the Nigeria Mobile Number List marketing department’s efforts should be to help sales reps build better connections with prospects and customers, and address pain points through better communication education. In order to better adapt to the changing roles of both parties, from the perspective of the marketing department, how should we start the era of market empowerment sales 2.0? The premise of the sales enablement 2.0 era is two-way communication between sales and marketing departments.

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Sales Criteria Create Groups Of Target Accounts

As mentioned at the beginning, the new roles of sales and marketing are tour guides and automated precision content providers, respectively. In fact, we can compare the buyer to a tourist, then the sales are the communication needs in the early stage and the private tour guide leading the team, and the marketing department needs to plan the tour route in advance, prepare the rich content in the journey, train the sales, and finally maintain two-way communication to answer the possibility emergencies, provide the most reliable support for tour guides. There are three elements to successfully build a “travel agency” that cooperates with each other and serves every passenger well.

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