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Covid 19 containment generate B2B leads with emailing

Put in place on march 17 as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, confinement has led to a marked slowdown in economic activity, affecting all sectors to different degrees. How do you continue to generate leads in times of crisis? You have different levers for this, including emailing. Emailing, an effective and essential lever for generating b2b leads as b2b fairs are all canceled or postponed due to confinement , companies are forced to fall back on digital levers to find prospects. Among the most effective, we find emailing, which is easy, fast, profitable and inexpensive to set up. A significant asset for smes and vses. Did you know ? According to a study by smart insights, email is the most effective customer acquisition channel for generating leads and customer orders.

Emailing and lead nurturing

Third most influential source of information in b2b (cmi) , it remains the preferred channel for marketers and offers a higher return on investment than other marketing levers (dma) . Thanks to the power of targeting, emailing allows you to send the right message to the right target at the right time. C urrently, most employees are either teleworking or on partial unemployment. They have Romania Phone Number List more free time to surf the web and check their email. The time they pay attention to the marketing messages they receive from companies is more important. By using emailing as a lead generation channel, you will not only reach professionals with a short or medium term purchase project (very useful for maintaining your business in times of crisis), but also develop your notoriety with b2b buyers.

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Feed your prospects with content

The latter may not have a specific need at the moment t but they could well manifest themselves when activity resumes, at the end of confinement. The more they see your name appear in their inbox, the more they will think of you when they have a purchase project. Communicate BTC Database AS well in times of crisis take care with your communications, offer offers that are consistent with current events and don’t forget to include an optimized call to action and landing page . Want to go further ? Do not hesitate to take a look at our practical guides how to design a successful emailing in 6 steps and 7 tips to become an emailing pro.

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