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Enterprise WeChat Crm Native Background

Enterprise WeChat has been updat again! From the end of September to the beginning of October, corporate WeChat ushered in the full integration of WeChat video accounts: the employee’s corporate WeChat personal information page will reveal the entrance of the corporate video account, and the homepage of the corporate video account can also open a quick entry for adding corporate WeChat. In general, the degree of interoperability between enterprise WeChat and the WeChat ecosystem has been upgraded again, and the capabilities of enterprise WeChat CRM have been further liberated. Following the chapter on enterprise WeChat background management – customer data statistics. This article will continue to bring you the functional analysis of customer contact tools for enterprise WeChat native background management, hoping to provide support for subsequent decision-making.

The Welcome Message Corresponds To The Personal

Enterprises can click the “New Contact” button in the upper left corner of “Add Customer. Contact Me” in the WeChat management background of the enterprise to configure an exclusive QR code, card or applet button for members. Customers can Taiwan Mobile Number List scan the QR code or clicking. The button on the applet can get the member’s contact information, so as to actively contact the member. All configured ways to add customers will be display on the Contact Me homepage in the form of Tabs and lists.

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Welcome Message That A Customer Will Receive

Enterprise WeChat has opened an interface for this function, and enterprises can configure it. This functioned into their own CRM system to form an enterprise WeChat CRM. So as to easily realize the data access and management of WeChat friends of enterprise member enterprises. The QR codes of members can be plac on the official. Website, public account, event posters and other customer acquisition channels to deepen. The construction of the enterprise WeChat private domain pool. It should be not that if the enterprise configures the “Contact Me” button, it needs to access the applet plug-in.


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