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Similar to mass sending to individual customers, the operation process of mass sending messages to enterprise customer groups also has two steps: select customer group + edit message content. Of course, there are two main dimensions to the screening criteria for mass-sending customer groups: the group owner (you can choose the entire department or an individual), and the keywords contained in the group name. After the administrator or person in charge is configured, the group owner will receive a notification of “customer contact” in the message list, and can circle the customer group he manages to complete the group posting.

The customer selection and content configuration of the company publishing content to the customer’s Moments are similar to those of mass messaging to individual customers, so I won’t go into details here.

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After the administrator or business person in charge completes the settings in the background, enterprise members will receive a notification in the “Customer Moments” in the message list. After clicking, they will enter the homepage of the Turkey Mobile Number List member’s published Moments. Members need to click the collapsed menu in the upper right corner. Select “Enterprise Notification”, and click OK to complete the announcement of the circle of friends. Of course, after connecting to the enterprise WeChat CRM. The administrator can make the group sending objects more accurate according. The portrait functions such as crowd screening and dynamic tags. So as to use the limited number of group sending times to bring customers the best experience.

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The above is a detailed display of the customer contact tools in the enterprise WeChat background. The functions of contact me, welcome message, and circle of friends have open interfaces. Brands can access the enterprise WeChat CRM system through lightweight development to easily obtain the corresponding data. If you want to know more about the material library, customer contact, customer management. Other tools based on enterprise WeChat, please fill in the form below to contact us, and someone. Will give you a reply.

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