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To the umpteenth time to the conclusion. Money can rot everything! We could have talke about influencers today. But it was more bloggers, content creators who share their expertise. But above all through a passion. They did not make “noise”, they had very qualifie audiences and generally clear opinions on the products teste. The influencer in 2022 Today the world of influence has become a paradox on its own. Rarely have I seen such a divid industry. When it was said years ago that marketing was dividing. Itself indefinitely. Besides, we are talking about influence marketing .

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The media are not in the lace! Not the slightest effort to understand and analyze a subject before rushing into it to gain an audience. This is what takes precedence today: “deconstruct, destroy, undo, destabilize, annihilate etc. Where does the balance lie and who Tunisia Phone Number List will disentangle right from wrong in the realm of influencers and influencers? The sector of influence is however ultra-divide today: The stars and the artists (the real ones) Stars and artists found in all ultra-mediatize fields such as sport, music, television and cinema, media, fashion, beauty, etc. We are talking here about real personalities who have talent. celebrity influencer Rihanna Macro-influence and micro-influence.

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Macro influencers and micro-influencers : they are distinguished by the size of their community and the areas in which they operate. They are found in all areas and they are mainly on Instagram or TikTok which is gaining more and more influence . Khaby BTC Database AS Lame is today one of the worthy representatives of influence on TikTok with nearly 150 million subscribers. Should it be put in the same basket as what we are serve today through the media? No, but “allokoi” (yes it’s a registere trademark, so you have to be careful) becoming an influencer on an expression that made all of France laugh, facing a real content creator, there’s a little leeway! When we were talking about travel a few years ago, I had 2 names that came to mind.

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