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Understand the concept of Ventarketing and the importance of having your company’s marketing and sales teams . The term Ventarketing (which, as you may have , is a combination of the words sales + marketing), represents a union of these two departments through an alignment of objectives, metrics and processes to drastically increase the efficiency of customer acquisition. .

This term comes from the English Smarketing (Sales + Marketing ).

The good news is that companies really to content marketing are already one step ahead in the implementation of Ventarketing, because a good content strategy goes beyond just drawing the attention of the public.

What Is Really to Implement a Sales Strategy?

Everyone speaking the same language
In “traditional” companies, the abyss that sometimes exists between the marketing and sales departments is .

One department simply doesn’t know how the other works and they basically speak “different languages” within the company. When both departments fail to answer questions like these, there is a loss of information , alignment, and efficiency in the process.

A marketing team that focuses only on producing content — for an audience it considers ideal — does little for the sales team.

At the same time, a sales team that treats marketing as a subordinate department, serving only to make pretty flyers to aid the sale, is not Denmark Phone Number helping the acquisition process at all.

For this reason, it is important that the two departments are regarding basic definitions, terms and processes, such as:

Who is the person that the company wants to reach?
What is a lead ?
What is the ultimate goal of the acquisition process?
How is the customer process in marketing?
What are the stages of the sales process?

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Basically The Whole Process Must Be

This creates a conceptual unity that avoids errors of interpretation in the communication between the two teams.

Communication between teams
It is useless for the head of a department to create a glossary, give it to everyone and say that now the departments speak the same language.

The day to day of the marketing and sales departments is extremely dynamic and the exchange of information must be constant, so that there is always learning.

For Sales Marketing to be well .There must be a structured and constant communication between the two teams to exchange information.

Finally, how is the marketing team going to know that the leads sent

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