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Find Out What Ambush Marketing Is So Namibia Phone Number

Ambush marketing has generated a lot of controversy, mainly in sporting events, but do you know its essence? Find out right now in our article!

Elijah Bruno
Jan 27 | 7 min read
ambush marketing
In today’s article, we talk about marketing hoaxes . But calm down! This also has a lot to do with the concept and practices of ambush marketing , and later you will understand why.

However, before entering fully into the subject, it is worth making a little reflection.

Big events like the World Cup, the Namibia Phone Number Olympic Games and the Super Bowl tend to stir up the emotions of fans, the interests and routines of millions and billions of people around the world, right?

The brands that exclusively sponsor or support these great events have very valuable advertising space. In fact, they use these environments to control the monopoly of consumption and exposure during programming.

So far, nothing special. After all, these brands paid for this exclusivity. But what about those who are not official sponsors of these events? What can they do to get the public’s attention?

That’s where some tricks come in (which can be good or bad) and ambush marketing. Next, you will better understand this concept, the main examples and possible punishments for those who practice it.

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ambush marketing concept
classic examples
Are there sanctions for this practice?
Challenges of ambush marketing
ambush marketing concept

It’s about harnessing the visibility, movement, and consumer interest generated by big events, even without sponsoring them .

For you to better understand ambush marketing, this concept is subdivided into two categories:

association ambush marketing
Ambush marketing intrusion
Find out more below!

Ok, but is this legally correct? The answer is no.

If the restaurant does not officially sponsor the World Cup, it does not have the right to commercialize the name and logo of the competition.

Are there punishments for this? Yes! But this is a topic for the final portion of the text.

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Ambush Marketing Intrusion

The type of intrusive ambush marketing occurs when brands and companies carry out some promotional activity in the venue of the event that they do not support or sponsor.

They are improper marketing actions carried out in a space that should be exclusive to those who officially sponsor the event.

The most common cases occur in very subtle marketing actions such as when a player celebrates the goal by making a poster that reminds of a certain brand.

Cases like this have already happened and we will show it in the next topic.

classic examples
The term ambush marketing is more recent, but this opportunistic practice is old.

To help you understand it, we have selected 5 known examples that you may not have even known were an ambush, but now you will:

The City of Santa Monica, California

The city of Santa Monica, California (USA) has been a timely battlefield for the dispute between these large vehicle manufacturers for dominance of advertising space.

The war began after BMW publicized an event in Wisconsin through a follow-up campaign. The motto of the action was °A BMW rally with two nearby service centers. What’s next, paramedics at a chess tournament?” .

For its part, Audi detected an opportunity to monetize the competitor’s campaign and, responding to the former’s ads, the company bought an advertising space in the same city to publish an advertisement mocking the BRW slogan.

Then the capricious company bought a new billboard to run another ad mocking its competitor.

BMW was not silent and responded to the provocation by buying a space in front of the Audi ad with the typical chess expression “Checkmate” But, what nobody knew is that this somewhat – or quite – childish battle was far from over.

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