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A summer read about working smarter also includes lists of tips! And then no tips for doing more in less time, because we now know that that is not always the best choice. But there are tips to get to know the online tools you use better and to be able to use them more effectively. That’s why I’m sharing 3 great tip articles here:hat Will Make Your Life A Little Easier. From conditional formatting to loading data from another tab.

rom an on-page SEO audit and keyword research to link building and other SEO actions.

Emoji: What was it again? A brief history

So, that was it! Time to work on yourself, work on your work and above all: time to practice ‘doing nothing’. Nice summer!

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The by Lilian Stolk is an extensive and pleasantly readable Dutch standard work on the meaning of the emoji (culture). Stolk describes in her book how, long before the emoji saw the light, the yellow smiley was VP Security Email List born in the US. Graphic designer Harvey ), signed the roguish face in 1963 for $45 for an insurance company that wanted to boost morale among its employees. He called it the smiley.

Chief and VP of Security Email Lists

Graphic designer

The design was successively embraced by the hippie movement, 80s pop culture and acid house and managed to survive for decades. In the eighties there is also professor Fahlman who one evening has an e-mail discussion with colleagues about the ARPAnet, forerunner of the internet. In their latest message, they joke about a free fall from an elevator at the faculty. To make sure their colleagues don’t mistake this message for a serious report in the morning, Fahlman closes it with a :-). With that, the emoticon (a combination of emotion and icon) was officially born as an internet language. In other words, the smiley made of punctuation marks.

You Toour Privacy Statement

You Toour Privacy Statement

Can you always concentrate well? According to , external distraction is only part of your ‘concentration problem’. So it’s too easy to blame your chatting […]

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