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We are also announcing a new form of organization for brand content managers, or marketing managers regarding the use of this new tool. 4. Counter the decline in organic reach (free advertising) Organic Reach generally refers to the audience obtaine by a brand when it addresses its fans or followers on a social network without going through a paid advertising format. Poste for free by brands on Facebook, the latter increasingly controls organic reach. 2018 trends? In 2018, this form of free advertising will decline. Thus, to be visible, brands will have to pay. This phenomenon may also affect other social networks such as Snapchat. Instant messaging, micro influencers and return to long format for.

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Content Let’s continue the trends with the evolution of instant messaging which attracts more and more users. Micro-influencers, who will be in the fold of brands in 2018 at the expense of macro-influencers, through their commitment and better proximity Lebanon Phone Number List to their community. To finish ! a return to the long-level content format and SEO in order to obtain better positioning on Google. 1. Instant Messaging Messaging applications are increasingly in demand. Messenger comes first with 14 million monthly unique visitors followe by WhatsApp, 12 million. Social networks are not skimping on developing their messaging (eg Instagram which is testing “Direct”). 2018 trends? With its many functionalities.

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Sending photos, videos, documents, etc. chats will develop in 2018. Also to be expecte, the arrival of more extensive features (eg reinforcement of chatbots, games, etc. instant messaging app instant messaging app 2. Micro-influencers take center stage in 2018 Influencer marketing is a strategy use by brands, which is developing very quickly in communication. The BTC Database AS objective for them is to find the right people and define the right role of influencers to make themselves known and by extension sell their products and services. But that is where the difficulty lies! It is indee necessary to determine the type of partnership or to measure the performance of the influencer. It is also for brands to know when and how to introduce.

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