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Vors interactions between experience professionals (senior executives, business leaders, etc.). Other indicators Also look on the dashboard of the “ Social Selling Index ” the section “ professionals in your sector ” and “ person belonging to your sector . The first shows you the average rating of profiles belonging to your sector of activity. And the second, the average SSi rating of your subscribers. A way of relating to others in a way. Now that you are aware of the SSI. Let’s move from theory to practice and find out how to improve it. How to easily increase your LinkedIn SSI? Above all, it is a question of.

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Defining what a good score is and then of seeking to improve it according to the result obtaine. What is a good SSI score? To have a good LinkedIn Japan Phone number list SSI score , you have to aim for at least 70. But be careful, just because you have a good score doesn’t automatically and magically develop your business! I remind you that this is one of the indicators to take into account to assess the impact of your digital strategy on LinkedIn. But it’s not the only one, so don’t put pressure on yourself. How to simply improve your SSI score? To improve your LinkedIn ISS, you will nee to rely on these 4 levers: 1. Be active on the.

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Professional social network: We can never say it enough, no content, no view. No view, no connection possible. If you don’t know what to post on LinkedIn, I suggest you read this article: 7 types of content to post on LinkedIn . It will give you some food for thought. Some formats to use. 2. Publish quality content regularly: Publishing yes, but working on a BTC Database AS real content strategy is much better. Think “ adde value ”. Concentrate on the heart of your target, their issues and the subjects that may interest them. 3. Talk to the right people: On LinkedIn, the goal is not to break the record for the number of subscribers, that makes no sense. Better a community of 1000 people interacting with you than.

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