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Detailed Explanation Of Four Scenarios

From the perspective of B2B enterprise marketing needs, the core marketing scenarios in the WeChat ecosystem include the following four categories: WeChat omnichannel customer acquisition, WeChat community operation, sales empowerment management, and full life cycle cultivation, which almost include enterprise customer acquisition, The whole process of cultivating and transforming marketing.

B2B WeChat Marketing Scenario 1 – WeChat Omni-Channel Customer Acquisition

The typical links for B2B companies to acquire customers and attract new customers in the WeChat ecosystem are: through social media promotion, attracting fans to follow the official account, or small programs, realizing the registration of small programs and consulting, and then continuing to cultivate, the main position of customer acquisition is the service account, subscription number and applet.

Four Scenarios Of B2B WeChat Marketing

In this scenario, the JING tool can provide a series of marketing automation tools such as official account management, material management interactive tools, customer identity management, customer grouping, etc., which act on all aspects of Indian Phone Number List enterprise customer acquisition, attract more users’ attention, and establish a user tag management system. Clearly identify and continuously cultivate users for enterprises to achieve more efficient customer acquisition and drainage.

For B2B companies, corporate WeChat is a more suitable place for community operations. The B2B business has a long single cycle.

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B2B WeChat Marketing Scenario

Once the salesperson leaves, it is easy to cause the problem of follow-up information being broken. Enterprise WeChat can help companies record and analyze the communication and follow-up process, and because enterprise WeChat will display the suffix of the company to which they belong, when sales staff communicate with customers through enterprise WeChat, it can effectively improve customer trust.

In the traditional B2B marketing scenario, companies have certain resistance. To the management of sales staff, and it is difficult to control the follow-up process throughout. The process, and by manually filling in customer information to record customer information. The number of customers entering the company’s private domain will be greatly reduc.

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