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Everyone in the enterprise can use enterprise WeChat. Employees are the external window of the company, providing various services to customers from offline to online channels. Enterprise WeChat, whose functions are continuously optimized and iterative, can meet the basic needs of community operations. In terms of operation, enterprise WeChat comes with a wealth of private domain marketing tools. Which can be used by brands in a compliant and safe manner, such as. Tagging, welcome words, quick replies, group assistants, etc. Which can help enterprises provide user services in a more targeted manner.

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In addition, Enterprise WeChat also provides very complete community tools. Such as an automatic group messaging function, an automatic group building function. When full of people, anti-harassment and advertising, etc. The administrator can set Poland Cell Phone Number List different welcome words for different user groups, and users can join the group. Afterward, automatic sending is realize. User guides can also be add to different communities for targeted hierarchical management. Through multi-dimensional community content, it can enhance the activity of the community, and then help enterprises to build a full link of user management from attracting customers to building groups and precipitation, and then to in-depth operations.

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About Acquiring Customers

Focusing on online and offline channels, Enterprise WeChat provides many functions to help enterprises acquire customers. For example, QR code, applet button, WeChat advertising button, video number, etc., scan the code or click in various scenarios to add the company’s WeChat account as a friend. Based on the flexible customer distribution mechanism and diversified marketing and promotion channels. Of enterprise WeChat, customer traffic from different channels can be integrat into enterprise WeChat for management through technology; it can integrate multi-touch customer data and accumulate user portraits; Label settings, hierarchical management guide users to convert layer by layer, etc. There are already technology companies in the market that develop SaaS tools for CRM applications for enterprise WeChat, such as JINGdigital’s marketing automation tools.

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