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How to generate a highly profitable Cost of Sales

How to determine the cost of sales? Determining the cost of sales is a process that should be extremely simple. Within the services, it is important to define if you want to have a fixed or variable cost structure. Sales cost it is also important to establish the position you have within the value chain, because depending on this you can vary costs on one side or the other . Let’s look at some examples: computer services the tasks required for everything to go well within the computer services correspond to: give a technical service promote it customer service and carry out audits of the delivered service. In a small business, it’s common for one person to want (or have) to do everything.

The problem is that in the end

The small businessman will be on the street all day, in his spare time he will be able to promote himself on facebook and will be able to carry out administration and regular customer service . , the most appropriate thing would be for the small Guatemala Phone Number List entrepreneur to focus more on providing good technical service, which corresponds to the first 2 points, and leave the audit in the hands of another person . However, he must have someone to help him with the reception of calls, filter incidents while he only focuses on interventions and services. In contrast, if you decide to hire technicians, you can focus on doing the audit and the phone service. In either case, it is better to know where the main value of the service lies and focus on it.

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Taking this entire chain into account

The cost of storing the products. Expenses associated with manufacturing and direct or indirect labor. Depreciation expenses. Normally, the following components are the most common expenses in the provision of services: workforce. General BTC Database AS expenses. Marketing and advertising consultant within the services offered by the consultant we can include: personal branding corporate identity advertising campaigns complete combo with the previous three at first glance, we can see that the consultancy is an all-in-one in this type of company, the same talent is usually used to cover several services.

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