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Marketplace how to generate leads based on performance

Each marketplace has its own billing system. Overall, two economic models stand out: subscription or payment by commission. The commission can be applied either on sales or on the leads generated: this is called the performance model or perfreemium. Subscription marketplace: a historical model when an advertiser takes out a subscription on a b2b marketplace , he pays to display his products and/or services and benefit from various communication actions through the platform (emailing, display, retargeting , etc.). It is a system suitable for companies wishing to develop their notoriety and/or improve their brand image. Performance marketplace. The perfreemium model allows you to generate leads based on performance.

Simultaneously acting as an aggregator

We then move from a system of selling advertising space to a partnership system where the marketplace becomes a business provider. Focused on the customer’s need for direct return on investment , the marketplace will initiate various actions allowing it to generate the expected number of leads. Control your budget while in a subscription system, the marketplace acts as South Africa Phone Number List a seller of space, here it becomes a real business and marketing partner by seeking leads for the advertiser. For his part, the latter then has better control of his budget with a real guarantee of results. Easily measure your roi the calculation of the return on investment is also simplified since the advertiser can easily establish the relationship between the sums invested in the generation of performance leads and the revenues generated thanks to the marketplace.

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You benefit from the platform ‘s traffic

Manage your business activity based on your sales force another advantage of the perfreemium model is that it allows you to calibrate the number of leads you want to receive each month based on the ability of your sales force to process them. Fully modular, this à la carte BTC Database AS system also gives you the option of increasing or reducing the number of leads to be generated depending on the seasonality of your market or the results expected over a particular period. Boost your lead generation in the same way that a shopping center. Will always attract more traffic than a small isolated shop. The b2b marketplace allows you to benefit from an audience. That is both qualified and substantial.

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