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Generate leads during lockdown with webinars

The confinement of france as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus affects most sectors of activity. It becomes, in fact, more difficult to find prospects when economic activity is slow. However, it is still possible to generate leads provided you choose the right levers. Among the most effective is the webinar. Meet your prospects the webinar allows you to digitize your events while offering your targets increased interactivity. With the cancellation of trade shows and other physical b2b events, the webinar is the solution you need to meet your prospects. It answers the questions of the targets you want to reach by offering them the possibility of asking them live and thus obtaining a personalized answer.

Which means even more registrants for your webinars

The chat system integrated into the webinar platform makes it possible to establish a link between the company and its prospects and thus to maintain the marketing relationship. Webinar, proven effectiveness in terms of lead generation , the webinar is one of the levers Portugal Phone Number List offering the highest conversion rates. According to a study by ready talk 30 to 40% of visitors to a webinar’s landing page sign up for it; 40-50% of registrants attend the conference; 20 to 40% of participants become qualified leads! For 72% of b2b marketers and sales managers, the webinar is the best way to generate qualified leads (gotowebinar study, 2017). It is also an inexpensive and relatively simple solution to set up, with a high return on investment.

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You will captivate your audience

Generate leads now and after the webinar allows you to work on your notoriety, generate new prospects, advance your existing leads in the conversion tunnel and even transform your prospects into customers , before it is broadcast, but the power of this format BTC Database AS does not stop. Not here. It is also reusable! Once the conference has been recorded, all you have to do is offer it for replay. Any individual wishing to access the video will then have to fill in their details in a form. You then generate additional leads . A format adapted to the current context who says confinement also says more time to surf the web and consume content offered by companies. At present, the majority of workers are either teleworking or in partial activity.

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