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Generate leads through digital during confinement

When the first confinement was put in place in march 2020, many companies chose to opt for defensive withdrawal, a prudent strategy, one might say, but not necessarily the best. By deciding to stop their activities (marketing and sales), companies have chosen to cut spending for fear of increasing their costs… A year later, we know that it is companies that have continued to invest at the heart of this crisis who emerged victorious, one step ahead of their competitors (bain & company, 2019). Companies that chose to remain active at the time met with success. We know that the buying behavior of internet users has evolved and that today there are a multitude of tactics to conquer new prospects.

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The modern buyer is autonomous and refuses to be interrupted in his day when he has not asked for anything. The b2b buyer now conducts. The majority of his purchase reflection alone and rejects. Any commercial solicitation before having a clear idea of ​​his decision. This Luxembourg Phone Number List change in purchasing behavior in b2b calls into question the relevance of all traditional sales prospecting levers. New technologies are an integral part of our lives and the world is more digitized than ever! In times of teleworking, digital more than. Ever makes it possible to maintain dialogue and. Contact with your prospects and customers.

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But how to choose the most profitable solution for the company? The answer lies first of all in the choice you can make between investment in time or investment in money: the levers where you can allocate budgetary resources versus those for which you have available BTC Database AS time resources. Marketing levers, such as the webinar, require an investment of time and an appropriate tool. Other levers such as linkedin ads advertising, or even retargeting , will necessarily require budgetary expenditure. So making the right choice in this period of confinement where “time is an agent”? The key to success: measuring the roi several parameters. Must be taken into account to measure the return on investment of its lead generation.

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