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Access to an international catalog of more than 20 million influencers, present in France and abroad. Stellar also offers you the possibility to apply filters directly, allowing you to refine your search and find the right influencers in one click. The filters relate to the number of followers, the subjects addresse by the creator, his socio-demographic data, or even his audience. Find more details on how to find your influencers . Stellar influencer How to evaluate an influencer? The analysis of an influencer is marke by 3 main axes of reflection, punctuate by qualitative and quantitative criteria. Each step aims to confirm the.

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Relevance of the influencer, the quality of their audience and their actual performance. 1. Influencer relevance As a brand or organization, you have aske yourself what your strategy is and what objective(s) you would like to achieve. At this stage of your selection of content creators , you will have to answer these 3 essential questions: What is your brand identity? What are your values What is your personality? choose influencer, Stellar This reflection will then allow Azerbaijan Phone Number List you to check if the influencer is in line with these elements. It is imperative to check the consistency between the influencer, and more particularly his.

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Personality and his editorial line, with your brand or your organization. To do this, you have to delve into the themes that the influencer addresses in its content. We also pay attention to the tone and style he uses. This step aims to assess the fit between the influencer and your brand’s DNA and values. 2. The quality and consistency of its audience It’s equally BTC Database AS important that the influencer’s audience matches your brand and is part of your message’s target audience. To assess the audience, the Stellar tool provides direct access to analysis criteria. Thus, in one click, you can access information on socio-demographic aspects of the audience such.

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