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Now that you know the types of linkedin ads you can create and the objectives you can set. It’s time to learn how to develop top-performing ads. Here are the seven steps to follow to set up your linkedin ads: Create your ad Set your objective Choose your audience Select your format Choose your placement Determine your budget and schedule Craft your ad Keep reading to learn more about how to complete each step! 1. Create your ad If you want to know how to advertise on linkedin.

Start by Creating Your Ad.

You can do this by logging into the Turkey Mobile Number Campaign Manager. Once you do that. You can click “Create a New Ad” to start creating your ad. 2. Set your objective The next step in this part of my linkedin advertising guide is to set your objective. You must determine what you want to achieve  your ad. As I mentioned above. There are multiple ad objectives you can set. Here’s a refresher of what those objectives are: Brand awareness Website visits Engagement Video views Website conversions Lead generation Job applicants Talent leads Choose the objective that best aligns with the goals of your ad.

Choose Your Audience

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The next step in setting up your linkedin ads is to choose your target audience. When you set up your target audience. You have numerous options for how you want to target people in your audience. You can target people based on their: Company name Company size Job title Seniority Skills Groups Schools Interests And more You can set your parameters based on what you know about your audience and what people you want to reach. For example. If you’re trying to reach the CEO at your target companies. You could use the job title and seniority settings to reach the right person.

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