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Google Ads How to make money with them

What are google ads and how do they work? Google ads is google’s platform for businesses/advertisers. Advertisers can place bids on the advertising space of their ads. Google ads google ads may appear or be displayed in the following places: google search network: on google search engine results pages ( serps ) or on specific apps and websites that are related to google search. Websites google display network : third-party websites and applications that are available across the internet. Any other website that has opted into the google adsense program. Sure enough, google ads work. All you need is for them to explain to you in a simple way how all the pieces fit together.

There are two types of auctions

Google ads formerly known as google adwords, are online ads that are largely based on keywords . Keywords are search words that are related to a company’s products or services. Hence derives the name google adwords (google ads). Keywords Pakistan Phone Number List are an important part of this equation, both in terms of how ads are presented and the cost to advertisers. Ii. What is google adsense? Google adsense is google’s platform for website publishers/owners . This is where individual websites can register and agree to host google ads on their website. Google ads in return, the publisher or website owner receives a payment each time an ad is clicked or viewed on their website (depending on the type of ad). Google will automatically select the most relevant and highest paying ads for publishers.

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Let’s get to the heart of the question

Receiving payments from google adsense does not require intervention and its form is very simple, that is, google first receives the payment from the advertiser and then pays a cut to the website publisher. How to enable google adsense? In order to enable BTC Database AS adsense on your website, you need to simply sign up for an adsense account by following google’s instructions. This is completely separate from a google ads account which is for advertisers. Once the setup is complete, the website owner will insert html codes where they want the ads to appear on their website. Google ads then everything will be ready. You will be able to get ads from companies that are relevant to both your readers and the content of your website.

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