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Google My Business: the Step by Belgium Phone Number  Professional baseball players often have a specific super ability, whatever it is, that leads to stardom.

This content is a translation of The Anatomy of A 5 Tool Sales Consultant , written by our VP of Sales at Rock Content, Matt Doyon, and on his blog.

You can also see that in a sales team, where reps often thrive and seek recognition for having extraordinary ability to deliver results.

Many of them are communicators who win through the power of persuasion. Others are just more “aggressive” than everyone else and build their way to the top. There is still the rare species of observers who are always hunting something.

And finally, there is that salesperson who has a bit of each skill in a single professional.

In baseball, a player who meets the main characteristics is a 5 tool player , something like “the complete player of 5 functions”.

In sales, the 5 functions of a consultant is what makes the complete sales rep.

That’s the Kind of Rep That Has All the Necessary

That’s the kind of rep that has all the necessary strengths and would already deliver a good performance on their own. In this post, I am going to show you the 5 functions of the anatomy of a complete sales representative:

1. Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is at the core of everything a well-sales rep says and does.

It can be as the ability to understand and manage emotions efficiently, in oneself and in others.

To generate empathy, communicate and solve problems efficiently, emotional intelligence is on 4 main pillars: self-perception, self-management, social perception and social management.

That’s the super valuable mindset of a complete sales rep.

This is the skill that most consultants (especially low performers) look for.


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2. The Sales Process

A well sales rep knows where they are in any conversation. He understands what has already been said and what still  to be done to make progress.

Regardless of using an organization method or simply making a mental list, follow the steps of a well-sales process and stay on the path that has been proven to bring maximum results.

The sales process is the result of a complete sales representative. There is a secret engineer living inside that kind of salesman, he is what observers often call “a sales artist”.

However, that is not a good definition. The sales process is something that can be , taught and for constant improvement.

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