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Of my publications. Linkedin posts versus Linkedin articles. My last piece of advice will relate to the choice to be made between publishing articles or posts. My goal is for my audience to see me as often as possible. I’m trying to win the battle for attention. Distributing content regularly remains an ongoing challenge. A Linkedin article will also be the possibility of developing your subject more deeply, and it is above all a more important time for creation. Focus like me at the beginning on the amount of content.

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Below I will share my structure for writing content. I only share posts on Linkedin and the results are simply amazing regarding visibility. I don’t know if I will have the same results by publishing articles. However, it will take a lot more energy from me. Always Cayman Island Phone Number List favoring the impact over time, I must therefore have great regularity on Linkedin. Linkedin rewards this good practice, my profile is very well reference (many people using the Linkedin search engine). I am found using specific keywords. So you know why I’m a big proponent of posts versus articles. There are no more obstacles then to start entering the arena. You have things to share, you have concrete expertise, you solve problems for your customers.

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In conclusion Attention opportunities on Linkedin there are, yes but, not in 6 months. Now is the time to take action. If you don’t do it, others will do it before you (competitors, partners, etc I hope this post can fuel your thinking in 2020. I am convinced that Linkedin BTC Database AS can be strategic, if your prospects are present there (you can check this quickly with advance searches. (see earlier in the article). There is too much naivety on Linkedin, less known as a social network. However, you now have elements to form a constructive opinion.

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