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It’s time for an RDR (Recruitment Development Representative). Never heard of this feature? No problem, I just made it up! SDR, on the other hand, might tell you something: Sales Development Representative. In this article I will simply explain what you can learn from an SDR approach to tackling your recruitment problem.


Too little attention for the recruitment process

I myself have a background in sales, I was responsible for sales development at several tech companies. In this role, you ensure that you are in continuous dialogue with your ideal customer, have Marketing Directors Email Lists appointments in your agenda with the ideal customer and can continuously generate new business. So not 2 a month one time and 30 the next month, but consistently. We call that building a predictable machine.

Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

Organizations put a lot of energy, effort and money into facilitating this as well as possible during the sales processes within or outside the organization. Unfortunately, that attention is not focused on the recruitment process, while this is the biggest bottleneck for many organizations to grow. Often it is much too superficial and especially yelling for new employees (“we are now looking for people, come work for us!”). But instead, you need to work out a good strategy to make sure you get on the radar first, in a positive way, with the right candidates. Maybe even before it’s relevant.


The organization must now sell itself

In the past, the candidate had to sell itself, now the organization has to sell itself. This means you have to do something else. Not even more of the same (which used to work, but not anymore). Due to the shortage on the labor market, you as an organization are now really put to work to find the right candidates. Within Saleslift Studio we have developed a playbook that you can use to shape your strategy and to always be in conversation with the right candidates in a successful way.

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