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How Can Companies Use Wechat Public Account Marketing

With the successive updates of functions such as “topic tags”, “page turning function”, “message discussion”, and “video account and official account connection” on the WeChat public platform, the functions of the WeChat official account itself will become more and more comprehensive, which is suitable for enterprises. Marketing scenarios are becoming more and more abundant. How to use WeChat public account marketing? Starting from the “service account” account type of the WeChat public platform, this article will summarize the functional updates of the WeChat platform since 2020 and the application scenarios that can be used for reference. They are all enterprise registrations, and their marketing goals will be more clear.

Function And Marketing Scenario For You

The docking with small programs and third-party platforms is also at the forefront of marketing in this field. This part of the content will also be discussed in this article. Through this article, enterprise operators will establish a clearer methodology for the operation of WeChat public accounts in 2021. Starting from new functions, how to use Belize Mobile Number List WeChat public account marketing?

The WeChat official account (or WeChat public platform) has ushered in several rounds of functional updates in 2020. There are rumors that the change in the official account is the result of the Tencent team’s efforts to increase the open rate of content and compete for the fragmented time of users. High-quality content opens the way. The following representative functional innovations will be launched one by one.

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In-Depth Analysis From The Service Account

Reads and Likes are displayed at the bottom of the cover. Judging from the changes in December only, as shown in the figure below. The information such as “reads” and “likes” that originally appeared at the bottom of the article appeared at the bottom of the cover of the official account, and the “Matthew effect” of the content will be a further highlight. However, this function is currently only applied to subscription accounts, and the service account has not yet been launched.

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