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How Financial Services Companies Build Relationships Through Content

When it comes to innovative content marketing and customer service, let’s just say that the financial services industry does not have a leading position. But as customer relationships evolved from face-to-face transactions to omni-channel engagement, consumer banks and insurers realized it was time to enhance their games.

Why are you late?
Steve Facini, Chief Marketing Officer of ondemand CMO, a New Jersey-based marketing company, said: He worked with a financial client and worked at Citibank. “Today’s banks have grown in size due to acquisitions, making it difficult to integrate all that information into one system, and it’s also a tightly regulated industry,” he says.

As a result, a few beats later, FinTech, a financial services company focused on technology and

A innovation, stormed, opening the door to a better user experience than traditional banks can manage, and Lending. The success of brands such as Tree and SoFi has been brought about. , And Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans. “They focus on Canada Mobile Number a particular niche in banking and can do it better and faster, but trust even if FinTech uses better widgets. It’s hard to scale because it’s hard to get,” Facini says.

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In other words, the credibility gained from a combination of state-of-the-art customized digital and mobile engagement and providing industry-leading expertise during a direct branching experience to win customer loyalty today. Is required.

Gaining customer loyalty requires state-of-the-art engagement and credibility of industry expertise. @DawnPapandrea Click to tweet

Why do banks need to learn both? Take this into account: According to JD Power’s 2017 Retail Banking Survey, more customers are using mobile banking than ever before (49% of millennials, 31% of Generation X, baby boomers). 16%). Still, 71% of bank customers have visited branches an average of 14 times over the past year.

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How banks are accelerating
Let’s take a look at what some banks and financial companies are doing to gain a marketing advantage.

1. They are reimagining to make their physical existence more empirical

“Technology has enabled us to carry out routine transactions outside the branch, which was traditionally facilitated by tellers. Banks are now seeking dialogue, advice and consultation with their customers. The purpose of the new branch is not to deposit checks, but to provide value, “says Bleedorn.

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It is also about building community connections and relationships.

Case Study: Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union

When the Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union wasn’t creating enough new business, it decided it needed a brand renewal. The company has hired Weber Marketing Group, a branding agency focused on financial customers. Today, the credit union runs under its new name, Trailhead Credit Union, and has transformed its look and message into the urban spirit of the inhabitants of Portland, Oregon. It’s a bank that essentially feels like a neighborhood hangout and offers kids free temporary tattoos (much cooler than lollipops!).

Relationship Banking-Trail Head

Everything from signboards to websites celebrates the personality and graininess that no other corporate bank has. In fact, the About Us page on that website declares, “This isn’t die-cut, like millions of other banks.”


Since the rebranding, Trailhead has set new account, loan, branch and web traffic growth records every month, thanks to its commitment to celebrate the culture of its customers, according to Weber’s case study.

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2. They are embarking on educational content
Banks that are financially complex and can teach their customers something or curate large amounts of data can earn customer loyalty, Bleedon says. That’s why companies like Charles Schwab host educational workshops.

Banks that can teach customers something or curate large amounts of data win customer loyalty. @ GinaBleedorn # fintech Click to tweet
In fact, educational content can be one of the key differentiators between competing institutions. “If I can teach you and give you advice or help you choose a product, it’s huge,” says Bleedorn.

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