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You have any questions on this point. I don’t always recommend it. Everything will depend on your problem. Linkedin contact business opportunities You can therefore reach your target and this is one of the accessible for you on Linkedin, with a good methodology and an understanding of the codes. We are going to talk together about organic visibility (without advertising). More than 600 million accounts in the world on the social network, I remind you that Linkedin is basically a social network for professionals. But not only We will find out together Before you start publishing content, a question to ask yourself: is your target present on Linkedin. When I oriente myself on this network about.

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Then I experimented with content creation to steadily develop my visibility and influence. I also wante to get out of the “silent majority”. Over 80% of Linkedin profiles are inactive and not creating content. However ! You nee to regularly create content to demonstrate your expertise and make yourself known. This is not my vision for success. You must regularly create Ukraine Phone Number List content on Linkedin to demonstrate your expertise and make yourself known. Even if you don’t have anything to sell, you should get into the habit of doing this. You will then be put forward by the algorithm. I regularly have over 5,000 views on my posts with a peak of 150,000 views. And all this for FREE, I remind you! No other social network like.

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Linkedin allows it in 2020. I know webmarketing well . We often talk about traffic sources to develop a business. This is the case on Facebook and Instagram, used more and more to buy cold traffic (in other words: to identify prospects who do not know you). I believe in “native content” directly on Linkedin. Obviously you have to test the other channels. I BTC Database AS suspect that distrust of advertising will be stronger and stronger. For example, when I work with students, many tell me that they don’t trust these messages. They will focus more on proximity and authentic content. You can do this on Linkedin! Your differentiation is here! Linkedin contacts and professional addresses Visibility is certainly not enough, but it brings credibility at all levels. I see it every day! Also become a media on.

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