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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Blog in 2019

Let’s start the guide with google analytics account setup for your wordpress blog! In conclusion, You can repeat the same process for any website as well. If you are doing this for your first website, you need to go to the google analytics page and sign in using your google account or create one which is free. For the first time, you will be asked to add your website details and personal details to get started. If you’re someone who already has an account, click the admin tab at the top select account and click add a new property . On the next page, you need to add your website details to get the tracking code.

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Here is an example of a screenshot of a website: click get tracking id and you’ll be taken to the page with this tracking id for your website. So far, you have successfully set up your google analytics account, and created the tracking id for your website. Now, the most interesting part of this tutorial begins, as you need to integrate google analytics Belize Phone Number List tracking id into your wordpress blog. In conclusion, Let’s take a look at the next section. Three ways to add google analytics to wordpress there are several ways to add google analytics (ga) to your blog, and depending on your level of experience, you should choose one of the following methods. I am putting the different methods based on my recommendations.

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Option 1) google tag manager: i started using the google tag manager in 2013 and it became the only one for all my sites. It’s free, and with it, you can manage all your blog tags from one place. I recommend google tag manager to all professional BTC Database AS and serious bloggers. It only takes 5 minutes to set up and once you’re done. In conclusion, You won’t have to worry about managing tags in the future. Here is a 5 minute tutorial on integrating gtm into your wordpress blog. Option 2) using the wordpress theme: many of us might not care. That most wordpress themes have an option to add header and footer. In conclusion, You can use this to add ga tracking code to your blog. Simply copy the tracking code you got in step 1 and go to the theme settings option. Find the option to add footer script and paste the code.

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