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How to change the URL of an already published post

A post slug is the words that appear in a post link after your domain name. For example: google-amp-wordpress is the post slug in the screenshot above. In wordpress, the post slug is automatically created from the post title. In the screenshot above, i edited the post slug to be search engine friendly. Let’s take a step back and let me show you what is the default slug created by wordpress when you write a post. As you can see, the default slug created by wordpress is: how-to-add-google-amp-to-wordpress-to-speed-up-your-mobile-site the problem with the default slug (example above) is a lot of useless and non-recommended end words when optimizing your post for specific keywords.

What are 301 permanent redirects

This is a good time to learn about stop words. What are the stop words in seo? When you’re changing a post’s url or permalink structure, we use 301 redirects. An example of such words is: a, one, the, the, are, by, both… There are many stop words that should not Afghanistan Phone Number List be part of your post slug.  A post slug with stop words: how-to-add-google-amp-to-wordpress-to-speed-up-your-mobile-site a post slug without stop words: g oogle-amp-wordpress in the first one, you can see that you have 13 words in your post slug.

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You can set 301 redirects using

In the second, we have only three words. This means that the important keywords in the first option (google-amp-wordpress) are given only half the weight they would BTC Database AS have if there were no stop words in seo. Bonus tip: you should avoid using too many stop words in the post title, description (without affecting readability), image alt text. I do not recommend that you go back and edit all the blog posts and change the slug to remove the stop words. However, you can do it for important published posts that don’t work at all. Also, by using this, you will know how to deal with future blog posts.

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