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How to Compile a Top-rated Competitive Analysis for Research

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), researching your competitors is essential. Knowing where you stand against your competitors will help inform the strategy and tactics needed to achieve your client’s SEO goals, allowing you to focus your efforts and set realistic expectations.

Who are the best competitors? What drives their results that you don’t? When do they post content? Where do they share their content? Why do they do what they do? And how do they do it? All of these questions should be answered thoroughly, as their answers will drive your optimization strategy.


1. Always find out what the customer wants

The true measure of the success Germany Phone Number of any competitor analysis is the extent to which it helps the client achieve their primary objective(s). Whether it’s getting new leads, increasing brand perception, driving traffic for dollar conversions, or something else, one thing is certain: success must be measurable.

Accurate reporting on clearly established measures of success is essential to communicate to the client that their goals and objectives have indeed been achieved. Misinterpretation of any campaign’s data can turn into a failure that would otherwise be a great success.


2. Determine your competitors

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When you create a competitor analysis, you take a magnifying glass on what drives the ranking of websites that appear above your client’s in search results for your target keywords. Thus, you will want to know what your client wants to rank and build your competitive analysis around that.

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