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How to disable comments on WordPress posts

The comments feature of wordpress cms makes it one of the ideal platforms for blogging. However, not all your blog posts need this feature and you can always choose to disable it. The wordpress customization feature is what we all enjoy the most. In wordpress, we have the option to: disable comments on specific posts. Disable comments on specific pages. Disable comments on all pages. Depending on your requirement, you can choose any of them. A practical situation that i am experiencing these days is that some of the popular posts on neetwork are receiving a lot of comments.

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The problem is that only 1% of the comments are genuine on those posts. The rest of the comments are spam or self-promotions. Anti -spam comment plugins like akismet and wordpress zero spam are doing a decent job, but it’s not enough. That’s when Bolivia Phone Number List i thought of disabling comments on some specific wordpress blog posts. In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to do it, and you can use it now or in the future whenever you need it. Sounds good? Here we go. Remove comment box on specific wordpress posts or pages you can disable comments on posts already made or even on the ones you are about to post.

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Just follow the steps below. Login to your wordpress dashboard . Go to the ‘ edit’ section on posts or pages you want to disable comments on. Look for the discussion tab (usually next to the compose post section, but you can use your browser’s search function to search for the text ” discussion ” ). Uncheck the box that says allow comments. It should BTC Database AS look like the screenshot below: click ‘ update post’ and that’s it. The comment box will disappear from the post/page. Disabling comments on your entire wordpress website if you want to disable comments on your wordpress site temporarily or permanently, you can do that too. This next tip will remove the comments feature from all your wordpress blogs. Go to settings discussions in the wordpress dashboard.

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