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How to maintain your commercial activity in times of crisis

Since the entry into confinement of france, companies have been put to the test. The cancellation of trade shows and the slowdown in economic activity are pushing them to turn to digital to continue generating leads. In addition to maintaining their activity, they must also think about preparing for the recovery, while animating their teams remotely. Although economic activity has been greatly slowed down by the covid-19 crisis, it is still possible to find prospects and detect new business opportunities thanks to digital technology. Digital tools such as the b2b marketplace, emailing or even the webinar are currently showing their full effectiveness. With trade shows and other physical events being canceled or postponed, digital technology is becoming companies’ best ally for generating leads, maintaining marketing/sales relations and maintaining dialogue with customers and prospects.

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But which levers should be favoured? Which are both the most powerful and the most profitable for the company? All the answers to your questions are in our article generating leads during confinement thanks to digital . I discover the article how to prepare for recovery? After Qatar Phone Numbers List the crisis will come the time for recovery. If at present, it is still difficult to predict the end date of the confinement and the number of extensions it could be subject to, it is nevertheless important to anticipate the resumption of activity now. Should companies continue to prospect during confinement? If so, by what means? How to communicate effectively in times of crisis? In what tone should you address your prospects.

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Discover our white paper covid-19: how to prepare for the recovery? I download the white paper smarketing: how to align your remote working teams the confinement of france has had many consequences, such as the generalization of telework in companies. If until now only BTC Database AS some employees worked remotely once or twice a week, now all activities for which teleworking is possible take place in the home office. Can this mode of operation have negative effects on team cohesion? Not necessarily. You can even take the opportunity to strengthen their alignment by adopting a smarketing approach. Currently, only 27% of companies believe their marketing and sales teams are properly aligned.

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