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How to Write Like a Pro in a New Content Niche Canada Phone Number

In addition, Here is what just happened. You have been tasked with creating a blog for your brand’s new business division. OK fine. You can write.

But you’re relatively new to the business and the industry – a totally different niche. How do you develop a voice? How do you communicate with a new audience in an engaging way? How do you make sense of the new domain?

I know plenty of bloggers who can waltz into any niche, produce a killer post, then waltz into another niche to repeat the success.

In addition, If you’re a content marketer, you may have been in a position where you need to change your niche or try your hand at a new area.
In addition, You may need to market a new product or cater to a new audience.
In addition, Perhaps the company is targeting a new set of customers, requiring a new tone and approach. Even though it’s nothing new, the ever-changing market forces us to stay on our toes to understand Canada Phone Number the customer climate and keep our content creation as sharp as possible.


If you have the flexibility to pivot your style and approach, you are a valuable asset to any company’s marketing efforts.

Here’s how to hone your style and nail it in any niche.

Make a list of the most popular and respected blogs in the industry

Create a list of the biggest and best blogs in the niche. On my first foray into a new niche, I created a spreadsheet that looked like this.


I wanted to make sure I had a solid grasp of the biggest players in the industry. I followed them on Twitter and read their blogs religiously. This was my crash course in industry information.

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In addition, How do you find the best blogs in the industry? I searched the relevant keywords of the new niche on Google. For example, if you create content in the SEO space, you search for “SEO blog”. The first page sites are probably the best and most reliable. Moz’s blog is at the top of the list, as is Search Engine Land. Other keyword queries provide a holistic look at the lay of the SEO pitch. A search for “SEO news” produces a similar list – Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Roundtable, etc.




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