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Details on this new feature Clicking on a feature snippet takes the user directly to. The feature snippet text on the source web page. This happens automatically. There is no markup require by webmasters to activate the feature snippet . It also states that If a browser does not support the necessary technology, or if our systems cannot determine with certainty where to direct a click within a page. Clicking on a feature snippet will lead the user at the top of the source web page . Thus, this functionality has the advantage of not requiring any intervention on the part of the websites concerne.

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It is nevertheless necessary to go through a browser from Chromium (Chrome or Edge for example) to use it. If this has something to facilitate research and navigation for many users, it is not totally innovative. Quite simply because it is always an Republic Phone Number List possible to do this manipulation manually using a. Advantages and limitations of the zero position (feature snippet) on Google Let’s see below the advantages and disadvantages of a Google feature snippet. The advantages of the zero position By highlighting the keywords entere in the pages opene from the search engineGoogle wants to further guide users. Indeed, the purpose of optimize extracts is to offer ever more relevant results in the.

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SERPs results pages This update offers an undeniable advantage to the site concernedsince it occupies position zero and therefore appears before the first SEO result of the page. The quote pages generally show a strong increase in the click through rate and BTC Database AS  Internet users in a hurry may be content to read only the summary the number of visitor sessions. To select these pages, Google bases itself on their content and their authority. Disadvantages of feature snippets The functionality offere by Google still has some limitations. First of all, Internet users in a hurry may be content to read only the summary offeredby this new format.

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