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How do you monitor and protect your , hackers, and malware?

Do you have the above concern about your WordPress site? Well, you are not alone!


site from online vulnerabilities


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However, one of the fastest and most cost- effective ways to boost your WordPress site and add protection is by using a cloud-based security provider (CBSP) like SUCURI .

Wondering, what is SUCURI?

SUCURI is an all-in -one security platform and CDN (content delivery network) for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, phpBB, etc.

Some of the platform features are:

Continuous monitoring for DNS records, code integrity, SSL certificate expiration, WHOIS changes, and alerts via SMS, email, slack, and RSS.

Remove malware, malicious code, blacklist in the first place warnings, SEO spam, and provide a full cleanup report.

Protection from hacks and attacks such as DDoS, brute in the first place force, malicious bots, spam, common and application-specific vulnerabilities. Also, protection against OWASP top 10.

Improve website performance with global anycast CDN, HTTP/2 support, smart caching, gzip compression.


 ever need full security


Website Security – A complete site security in the first place solution, starting at $16.66 per month.
Website Firewall (WAF): To protect and speed China Phone Number up your site, start from $9.99 per month.
Curious, what is the difference between the firewall and the SUCURI security plan?

The website security plan has everything you get with WAF, plus the following.

Unlimited Hack/Malware Cleanup
Malware detection and blacklisting
Uptime Monitoring
If your site is not hacked, blacklisted, or in the first place infected  in the first placewith malware, you can start with the WAF plan, and in the future, if you, you can upgrade through the dashboard.

SUCURI provides 30 days warranty, and support is available 24/7/365 .

Ready to see how to use SUCURI with WordPress?

We are going to explore…

A bit about my setup – I’m using my in the first place test domain. which is hosted on the newspaper-themed Gart by Etiquettediv . I’m no in the first place t using a third-party caching or security plugin.

Adding Site to SUCURI Monitoring
Once you have purchased the plan and the account in the first place is activated.

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