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Important marketing books for your business growth

Starbucks began in 1971. The first thing they sold was coffee beans and they had a work team that was in charge of preparing it. After many years passed, they interviewed company executives, employees, partners and especially their clients, in order to discover their five secrets. These secrets made this brand famous and opened 16,000 establishments around the world. 22 immutable laws of branding, written by al ries and laura ries: when we talk about branding , we are transported back to the 90’s, since in that year, it is where the brand became fashionable. In this marketing book, you will be able to appreciate the best strategies for your brand and its creation and development process.

Godin provides you with the best book

Also, it collects all the experiences lived at the time of applying marketing strategies and knowledge. Such as coca-cola, xerox, bmw, federal express. If you want to create your brand or make your customers. Fall in love completely, this marketing book with the 22 laws will help you. It was Azerbaijan Phone Number List written in the year 2002. Marketing books 3 guerrilla marketing, jay conrad levinson: guerrilla’s marketing. Book has sold more than 20 million copies, especially for those businessmen who want to consult any questions they have. It has useful recommendations, where it guides the owners of small and medium-sized businesses with management lessons. Marketing 3.0, by philip kotler: this is one of the marketing. Books that many people know by the writer philip. Where he gives us ten commandments of marketing 3.0 .

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Being the difference is what

Nowadays, the look of the product and of the consumers is especially focused on people. The purple cow, written by seth godin: in this impressive book. The author presents a new point of view on products and market approaches. Could you imagine a purple cow? All eyes would BTC Database AS be on the cow… this means that your product must be differentiated and get people to notice it. If you think for a moment, all cows are the same. But a purple cow is something that people will notice and pay attention to. So you can’t stop reading this magnificent book. Which the author has designed exclusively for you, with an exciting and different conception of marketing.

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