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So, what will the digital ecosystem look like? Lilac Garden made a summary: the words that have frequently appeared in digital marketing analysis reports in the past two years include data closed loop, value closed loop, multi-channel marketing, AI-driven, ecological, patient-centered… In fact, the core of digital ecology includes three Roles – pharmaceutical device companies, doctors and public patients, the purpose is how to combine pharmaceutical device companies to better serve the group of doctors and empower patients or the public. Doctors play a key role as a “bridge” between pharmaceutical companies and the general public. Lilac Garden has always implemented the “people-oriented” purpose. Under the normalization of the epidemic, Lilac Garden is thinking more about doctors.

Automation Technology In Recent Years

From the annual report released by Lilac Garden, it can be seen that under the normalization of the epidemic in 2021, on the whole, the online learning behavior of doctor users will show a trend from “broad” to “deep” and from “passive” to “active”. From the perspective of online education for doctors, the use of tools extends from database query to clinical knowledge learning. Here is an example. Lilac Garden’s medication assistant can link doctors to Egypt Mobile Number List more cases and related courses on the use of the drug through drug instructions. Online academic conferences Continuing trends and increasing willingness to pay for knowledge. From the perspective of online interaction between doctors and patients and the public, the interactive experience between doctors and patients has improved, and the platform of doctors may become a new entry for online education for doctors and popular science for the general public.

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How Can Physician Education Be Done Better

From the analysis of the report, it can be seen that in the post-epidemic era. The trend of online academic behavior of doctors is to be more proactive and more quality-oriented. For platforms or pharmaceutical companies, how to effectively reach doctors will be a topic of continuous exploration. In addition, due to the increasingly fierce competition for traffic on the Internet. The content that attracts the attention of doctors should not only have dry goods. But also attributes such as emotional care, interactive incentives, interesting experience, and personal identification.

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