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Bruno Maltor and Alex Vizeo, although there are many others. This is an area where we talk about content in all its forms, and if we really knew the work that it represents. Few people would really do this job. Among travel influencers. We can say that there are real content creators. Travel influencer: vlogger Note. You don’t have to love only travel and discovery, you have to tame a camera. Asmartphone, a drone and be. A pretty good photo/video editor in addition to mastering social networks and blogging for many of them . How many hours of work per day? What time do you have to get up to catch a sunrise or have an empty place to shoot? answer these kinds of questions first and don’t think that influence is the.

A World Of Influence That We Do Not

First thing to look for. You would like to put real content creators, influencers moreover, in the same basket as people (influencers) from the world of Turkey Phone Number List reality TV. What they have indee stolen in my opinion is the word influencer. The nano influence Nano -influencers : They are positione in niche sectors in general and they mainly manage small communities, but which are ultra-qualifie. They obtain very good commitments and interest a large number of companies in specialize segments.Then we cut out certain specificities among the influencers, such as vloggers and gaming streamers for example. Specific to the.

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Field of gaming when we talk about the Twitch network, and the vlog which is often a principle of sharing content in video format via YouTube, it is the equivalent of the blog in this format. It often brings together people positione on travel in particular, but not only because today all areas are represente. The good influencers or the “real” ones, some BTC Database AS will say, are rather content creators, so another term that would qualify some of the influencers. We could also talk about certain areas of activity that are more represente than others, as well as B2B influencers who are apart. Reality TV And in the middle of all that, a small world that shakes up the codes of influence; the pseudo-stars of.

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