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Intelligent Content in the Enterprise Armenia Phone Number

Andrea and her team report to IBM’s Director of Enterprise Content. No marketing content. No engineering content. Not the content of a single department. Business content. This team ultimately reports to the Chief Information Officer. Their mission encompasses all parts of the organization and all types of content – ​​internal  and external, pre-sales and post-sales, technical Armenia Phone Number and marketing, strategy and enablement, content experience and content technology. However you think about enterprise content, this team has it covered.

Here’s what Andrea has to say about why intelligent content is important in business – and why IBM and other companies big and small are considering it. And if they aren’t, why should they be.

How do you define smart content?

ANDREA: My mother and my sister asked me the question. I tell them that smart content is consistent in its structure . Additionally, headings, paragraphs, lists, etc. are in such a way that not only people, . But also machines – computers – can recognize what these elements are.

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Smart content also includes other data – metadata, information about the content, like what type of content it is, which department it belongs to, who created it, who should be able to see it.

For example, we might want to say, “Give me all the content for cooks and put it together in a cookbook.” A machine can fetch all labeled content items for cooks.

Why should a marketer give himself all this trouble?

ANDREA: People on the technical side may be ahead of smart content because we’re geeky, but making content smart is even more important when it comes to marketing. Marketing is about building relationships. The idea of ​​intelligent content is central to this idea of ​​relationship building.

Suppose you want to send an invitation to an event your company is hosting. You wouldn’t want to send it to people who have already agreed to be panelists for this event.

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