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All the professional information that a recruiter or third party might need. So your name and your first. Name must be real and not be replaced. By a nickname and/or an avatar instead of your photo. Linkedin profile 2. The Linkedin group The groups are spaces for discussions and exchanges. Between members, similar to Facebook groups. They work like forums. Several features are built into groups to manage members. They are interesting for developing a subject and discussing it. Many now serve as curation spaces. JCM Linkedin Group 3. Linkedin page This is to create a professional page. Relate to its activity or a specific theme. As on Facebook, it will broadcast news from a blog for example or according to.

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editorial line adapte to Linkedin. You can also create a watch and specific pages for a sub-area of ​​activity. A Linkedin business page reflects what you do through shared content. JCM Linkedin page Some Linkedin figures.  million members worldwide.Million members in France 40 million members are decision makers  of Fortune EL Salvador Phone Number List companies (the American CAC 40) are represente by executives on Linkedin articles are created every month. Minutes spent on average on the network source: Moderator’s Blog How to stand out on Linkedin? Let’s see through some tips, the points to be treate to emerge and make a difference on Linkedin.

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These levers will allow you to develop your network and better establish your expertise. The idea is to gain visibility but also commitment. Making a difference and standing out on Linkedin requires a lot of work and therefore time investment. Through the millions of BTC Database AS subscribers that the social network has to date, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out effectively. If using social networks was enough to emerge, everyone would be on the same footing. However, you have to know how to work on your personality, your digital identity, your credibility and understand that these tools are complementary.

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