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Emotion is more than the glue that holds meaningful human relationships together. It is also a fundamental and influential factor in today’s 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers consumers regarding their purchasing decisions. Here you can learn how Emotional Marketing works and make it work for you!

Vitor Pecanha
Jan 20 | 11 min read
We present the roadmap to conquer your audience with emotional marketing
Emotion is perhaps one of the most powerful forces when it comes to human nature. Generate a feeling in a person, and you will have successfully won his attention.

That said, it’s not hard to understand why the most successful Digital Marketing campaigns are also the ones that connect with people about what matters most: values, pain points, and personal feelings .

Most modern shoppers want and expect to make personal connections with the brands they consume and cultivate meaningful relationships with them over time.

In this sense, Emotional Marketing is a great way to show your customers that you also want to achieve those real connections , but there is a great art to doing it well.

Here’s how to get started in the right direction.

What is Emotional Marketing?

Why is Emotional Marketing so effective?
Emotional Marketing: best practices and tips for success
Great examples of Emotional Marketing in action
Summary: Successful marketing revolves around a great story
What is Emotional Marketing?
Although most modern marketing approaches seek to arouse the feelings of an audience at least to some degree, establishing a sensitive connection with the target audience is the primary goal of Emotional Marketing.

The idea is to take advantage of this connection to convince the viewer to take an action , be it buying a product, signing up for a mailing list or any other example.

Most Emotional Marketing efforts focus on tapping into a specific emotion.

Yes, that emotion can be positive, such as joy, excitement, anticipation, or pride . However, many successful campaigns also tap into fear, anger, or envy.

If an emotion can be strong enough to influence purchasing decisions , you can safely trust that it has been the focus of a brand’s Emotional Marketing strategy at some point.

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Why Is Emotional Marketing So Effective?

Human emotions are not just powerful. These tend to linger long after they are felt, and can make people deeply uncomfortable if left unresolved.

This is especially the case with negative emotions.

Acting on an emotion is one way to achieve this, and that’s precisely why emotional ads show a 23% increase in sales compared to standard ads .

Here are a few more factors that make Emotional Marketing especially impactful.

Help your audience remember you
Have you ever noticed that some of your clearest memories are of experiences that inspired powerful emotions?

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