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Media can boast of having billions of monthly active users among its ranks .From Instagram to Facebook  the top six social. Networks each have more than a billion monthly active users. However, the world of social media is not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . One of these networks is sometimes more easily put aside, and this is a mistake, given its specificities: we are of course talking about LinkedIn What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn company pageLinkedIn is a social network created in 2003. It offers the particularity of focusing mainly on the professional world: it allows you to highlight companies, profiles as well as recruitment offers, etc. It is thus less entertainment oriented than.

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Other social networks, which makes it a different channel. It is very appreciable to invest there for the diversity of the profiles and the companies which are present there. It is therefore interesting to use it in a webmarketing approach . The site announces 546 million users Switzerland Phone Number List worldwide in 2018. It was acquired in 2016 by Microsoft, for a record amount of 26.2 billion dollars. LinkedIn professional page or personal profile? LinkedIn allows you to create 2 types of spaces outside of groups: The company page or a personal profile page. Both have their specific advantages, and should be used in your web marketing strategy . As a company, encourage your employees to create personal pages on the site.

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This facilitates social selling , allows direct private exchanges with prospects, as well as the possibility of publishing on LinkedIn publisher. The ideal is of course both to present many personal pages, but also a company page. This gives you credibility, allows your employees to display the official logo of your company or your brand, gives you more visibility, and allows you to activate paid advertising on the site. 10 tips and tricks to get your LinkedIn pro page BTC Database AS off the ground LinkedIn company pageHave you decided to create your company’s official page on LinkedIn ? Wise decisionDiscover now 10 tips to make the most of it. 1. Complete your profile First of all, take the time necessary to completely and very accurately complete .

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